Voice Overs

The first layer of your finished package and with the best voices in the UK, look no further!
Remember you can choose to have ‘dry’ voice overs. Just a recording which you edit and add your own production audio to. This is a cheaper option and is itemized on the price list page.


Here’s where we add the drama! Whether you want loads of wooshes and bangs, or clean and simple, we can do both to perfection. We’ll source the best sounds and music to give your audio a real lift. Our producers are highly skilled experts working in state of the art production studios

Script Writing

Stuck on how to sell your product? How on earth do you get it into 30 seconds? Leave it to us! We have many years of experience, which means we can get your product sounding desirable with a cleverly worded script. We have the creative skills to add humour and a fresh angle.

Need a quote? Want to talk about your script? Need production advice?