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Need a DJ for a special event, or even a live band? We have the best on offer.

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We’re a global company – clients in the UK, South Africa, Lebanon, Kenya, Canada, Bangkok and Miami.

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Don’t look any further. You’ve found the best! Versatile, talented, and natural voice artists

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Struggling to choose a computer, not sure what home audio to get, need smart phone advice? We can advise.


logo_icon_redA full media service from the professionals.

We provide voice overs and fully produced audio packages. We now have a home tech advice service. Stuck on what phone, computer, or audio equipment to buy? We can help.

Need a DJ for your wedding or special event? We have the best DJs. Need a live band? Look no further!

We deliver results, everytime.

Voice Overs

Our business began with the voice of Leona Graham. She is quite simply the best female voice in the UK. In addition we have the vocal tones of David Francis, Sacha Graham and Wyatt Wendels.

Home Audio

Home tech has been made easier but it’s also complicated to get started. So much to choose from, what works best with what? We can help and advise.

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Hire the best DJ’s for your event!

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Need a live band that’s affordable for your wedding? One that plays a wonderful mixture and comes recommended by our professionals? Just ask to find out more!


  • I've just listened to the final sound mix on the Kcell Investor film you recorded a voiceover for. Just to let you know that I think you sound fantastic!  I knew there was a good reason to keep your details on file. We'll be using you again!
    Meg Burden Producer & Project Manager, Instinctif
  • Leona's voice is like silk. Add in the skills of the High Voltage Media producers and you have a perfect combination. My website is sounding very sexy and provides the perfect introduction to showcase my art.
    bello art
    Alejándro Bello, Bello Art, Miami
  • High Voltage Media provided me with several fully produced liners at a reasonable cost and extremely quickly. I was impressed and shall be back for more.
    Chris Mwangale, CMJ Events, Kenya
  • The joy of working with Leona is that as soon as you hear her saying the words you've written down, it's a relief. The stress of whether a script is going to work with a voiceover just vanishes – and it happens every single time with Leona – the moment she opens her mouth. The delivery is realistic, never forced, always natural, but with an energy and excitement that cuts through and gets the message across. You can ask for retakes, but you can be pretty sure she'll nail it first time. And the production skills that High Voltage Media have gathered together means there's a one-stop shop for fantastic voices and superb production – the perfect combination.
    Dan Wright, Absolute Radio
  • Having worked with countless voiceovers over the past 15 years as a Presenter, Producer and Programmer, there are only a few names that I have used time after time, Leona gives you that edge that so many female voices can't, a sexy rasp that doesn't sound like it's put on, an attitude that makes you listen to what she's saying. Leona is diverse and so easy to produce, both during the session and afterwards, who else can make "Xylometazolene Hydrochloride" sound exciting, it's her party piece, ask her to do it when you book her.
    Mudanca de cor 2 curvas
    Nik Andrews, Gemini Media

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